Mattresses for Sale at intelliBED Park City

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Are you working on finding a great mattress for sale near Park City? Visit intelliBED in Park City today to view our mattress inventory. intelliBED has been selling the best sleep surfaces to people throughout the United States since 2000. Our mattresses are made with Gel Matrix® technology to endorse productive sleep: proper alignment support, pressure point relief, and a healthy, non-toxic sleep situation. All of our mattresses are made locally in our Salt Lake City head office and sent throughout the country. If you shop at intelliBED Park City you can feel safe knowing that we work with an established network of healthcare professionals. Every mattress intelliBED Park City carries is engineered for optimum sleep by providing proper back support and minimizing tossing and turning.

Visiting intelliBED in Park City

At intelliBED Park City, you can try our basic Gel Elite™ mattress or if you need additional care, check out the Posture Perfect™ or Relief Perfect™ therapeutic mattresses. Every mattress is durable, supportive and most crucially, plush. intelliBED’s original Gel Matrix® is a radical gel material included in hospital beds, seat cushions, shoe inserts and now mattresses. This material is made from a soft, extremely strong, firm copolymer gel formed into a sequence of upright support members. These compress under light loads, but when pressure on a restricted area becomes painful, the support members soften and allow that part of the body to sink into the mattress.

If you experience back problems, chronic pain, allergies or asthma, the intelliBED store has a solution for you. In addition to our curative mattresses, we also carry adaptable bed bases so you can adjust your bed to whatever position is most comfortable, as well as a variety of contour pillows and mattress toppers for extra comfort.

Check Out Our Inventory Today

intelliBED is an easy spot for anyone who resides in or near Park City and wants to buy a luxury mattress. Come to our top-of-the-line mattress store now to check out the selection we have for sale. You’ll see how our mattresses, bed bases and other sleep accessories can impact the way you sleep and how you feel when you wake up.

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