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There’s nothing like the cold side of the pillow. Throughout Park City, residents suffer from inadequate sleep and uncomfortable bedding every night. intelliPILLOW has a layer of high-tech gel to benefit back and side sleepers. A blend of foam and gel, our patented Gel Matrix technology is paired with the Energex polymer which is highly personalized and cool. The intelliPILLOW delivers the supportive qualities of orthopedic pillows while maintaining the standard pillow shape.

About intelliPILLOW

The intelliPILLOW comes in Standard and Lo Profile, each with a single side of gel. The Lo Profile and Standard sizes are available are 26″ wide x 14″ deep. The Lo profile is 4″ thick, while the Standard is 5″ thick. By law, pillows and pillow protectors are not returnable items.

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