Mattress Buying Guide

Have you been tossing and turning every night? Waking up with aches and pains? Feeling fatigued even after you got a full eight hours? If this sounds like your life, it might be time to buy a new mattress. Good sleeping posture is crucial to your overall health. Superior mattresses should alleviate pain on the hips and shoulders and also support the hips so the spine doesn’t bend .

When buying a new mattress, you need to look for these features:


intelliBED mattresses are made with Gel Matrix material, an original pressure eliminating substance. This copolymer gel is formed into a comfort-grid that improves the cushioning capability of the material. Instead of just shrinking like foam, the gel grid drops under the hips and shoulders. This enables these body parts to sink deeply into the mattress without any pressure points.

A Mattress that Has Your Back

The lower torso is the heaviest part of the body, so it naturally sinks deeper into the mattress. When shopping for a mattress, consider that intelliBED products are famous for offering back support and preventing sinking. Our mattresses lift your hips up so the spine doesn’t drop into a hammock-like form.


intelliBED’s Gel Matrix is virtually unbreakable. During stability testing, intelliBED mattresses soften by less than five percent throughout the lifetime of the mattress. Individuals who use intelliBED mattresses can sleep on them for more than 15 years without sign of deterioration. Our strong mattresses provide enduring relief and support to people who are prone to spine and hip problems.


Patented Gel Matrix is safe because it was developed with food grade mineral oil. You should not have to fret about contaminants while you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep. This is why intelliBED mattresses are a better choice than potentially poisonous memory foam.

Temperature Control

You know that sleeping on a bed that is too hot or too cold makes it hard to get good sleep . Latex and memory foam capture heat and make sleeping a challenge, while waterbed mattresses make sleeping too cold. Mattresses made with intelliBED’s Gel Matrix allow you to sleep in a temperature neutral environment. This material doesn’t trap heat or soak heat out of your body.


People who struggle with back, shoulder or neck pain should take advantage of an adjustable bed. intelliBED offers superior adjustable bed bases that allow you to change your sleep arrangement. Whether you require your head raised to eliminate snoring, a completely flat surface for back pain, or raised legs for circulatory problems, these bases can help you.

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